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Written evidence

The Work of the Electoral Commission

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The Electoral Commission (TEC0051)
Professor Rachel Gibson (Professor of Political Science at The University of Manchester) (TEC0045)
Nick Burton (TEC0046)
The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (TEC0043)
Professor Toby James (Professor of Politics and Public Policy and Deputy Director of the Electoral Integrity Project at University of East Anglia) (TEC0041)
Dr Samuel Power (Lecturer, University of Sussex) (TEC0040)
Dr Alistair Clark (Reader in Politics at Newcastle University) (TEC0039)
Professor Rebecca Boden (TEC0038)
Shout Out UK (TEC0034)
The Politics Project, ShoutOut Uk, The Association for Citizenship Teaching, Young Citizens, Migrants Organise, and James Weinberg - University of Sheffield (TEC0035)
Carnegie UK Trust (TEC0036)
Dr Alan Renwick (TEC0037)
The Conservative Party (TEC0032)
Elin Jones MS (Presiding Officer, Welsh Parliament) (TEC0033)
Mrs Frances Kneller (TEC0027)
Toby Price (TEC0028)
Mrs Selina Kerr (Self Employed Marketing Consultant at I am self employed.) (TEC0029)
Jon Moynihan OBE (TEC0030)
Julie James AS/MS (Minister for Housing and Local Government at Welsh Government) (TEC0026)
Frances Kneller (TEC0025)
Total results 40 (page 1 of 2)