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Political parties give their views on election watchdog performance

28 June 2021

Representatives from eight political parties from across the political spectrum give evidence to the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee on the performance of the Electoral Commission.


Tuesday 29 June 2021

At 9.30am

  • Alan Mabbutt, Registered Treasurer and Legal Officer, Conservative Party
  • Scott Martin, Solicitor to the Scottish National Party
  • Rt Hon Lord Tyler, Spokesperson on Political & Constitutional Reform, Liberal Democrats
  • Andrew Whyte, Acting Director of Governance and Legal, Labour Party

At 11.00am

  • Geraint Day, Deputy Chief Executive and Head of Campaigns, Plaid Cymru
  • Amy Killen, Campaign Manager, Women’s Equality Party
  • Jon Nott, Treasurer, Green Party (England & Wales)
  • Richard Tice, Leader, Reform UK

The Commission regulates political parties and campaign spending, providing the parties with guidance and investigating and sanctioning breaches of the election rules. It cannot, however, sanction against candidate funding breaches.

Among the subjects MPs on the Committee are likely to question the panellists on are;

  • effectiveness of the Electoral Commission’s advice and challenges of accounting for donations and campaign spending;
  • sanctioning powers of the Commission and the experiences of those who have faced sanctions;
  • the Commission’s role policing campaign information in the social media age;
  • Electoral Commission accountability.

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Image: PA/Lynne Came