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DFID's work on education: Leaving no one behind?


Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 sets a bold and ambitious new challenge to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” by 2030.

The International Development Committee inquired into all aspects of DFID’s work on education. In particular, focusing on DFID's work in three key areas:

  • Access: getting the most marginalised children into school
  • Quality: ensuring children receive a high standard of education at primary and secondary with good learning outcomes
  • Lifelong learning: ensuring provision of tertiary education (including technical and practical education)

Reports, special reports and government responses

No reports or special reports published.

Oral evidence transcripts

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28 March 2017
Inquiry DFID's work on education: Leaving no one behind?
Witnesses Dr Shannon May, Co-Founder, Bridge International Academies; Rt Hon Lord Bates, Minister of State for International Development, and Anna Wechsberg, Policy Director, Policy and Global Programmes, Department for International Development (at 9.45am).
Oral Evidence
21 February 2017
Inquiry DFID's work on education: Leaving no one behind?
Witnesses Julia McGeown, Inclusive Education Technical Advisor, Handicap International UK, Lucy Lake, Chief Executive Officer, Camfed, and Professor Pauline Rose, Director, Research for Equitable Access and Learning Centre, University of Cambridge; Dr Joanna Härmä, Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for International Education, University of Sussex, and Professor Pauline Dixon, Professor International Development and Education, University of Newcastle (at 10.30am).
Oral Evidence
30 January 2017
Inquiry DFID's work on education: Leaving no one behind?
Witnesses Dr Alison Evans, Chief Commissioner, Tina Fahm, Lead Commissioner, and Korina Cox, Team Leader, Independent Commission for Aid Impact; Rt Hon Lord Bates, Minister of State, Anna Wechsberg, Director, Policy and Global Partnerships, and Anna French, Head of Education and Policy Team, Department for International Development (at 3.00pm).
Oral Evidence
Send My Friend to School (EDU0071)
Ark - Education Partnership Group (EDU0073)
Department for International Development Annex C (EDU0072)

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