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EU Green Deal

European scrutiny

The European Green Deal is the EU’s flagship policy package focused on climate change and the environment. It includes a range of proposals covering climate change, energy, industrial strategy, the circular economy, mobility, agriculture, biodiversity, pollution, global leadership and citizen participation.

We are writing to the Minister to ask how the Government is factoring in the European Green Deal proposals in its policy development, and to highlight implications of the proposals for the Government’s domestic policy choices, the UK-EU future relationship negotiations, and UK exporters to the EU, including stressing areas where the EU’s increased ambition might prompt the Government to review its own approach.

Correspondence on this issue has now been closed.

Communication from the Commission: The European Green Deal

Explanatory Memorandum from the Government regarding the Communication

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EGD0004 - EU Green Deal
Witnesses Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC)
Committees EU Environment Sub-Committee
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EGD0003 - EU Green Deal
Witnesses Association of Independent Crop Consultants (AICC)
Committees EU Environment Sub-Committee
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EGD0002 - EU Green Deal
Witnesses Green Alliance
Committees EU Environment Sub-Committee
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