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Committee to examine case for Universal Basic Income

9 November 2020

The Work and Pensions Committee will explore the potential benefits and drawbacks of introducing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) in the UK, as part of its inquiry into how DWP is preparing for changes in the world of work.

Purpose of the session

The Committee will hear from academics, policy experts and campaigners on both sides of the debate as it examines the feasibility of introducing an UBI, along with the potential costs and economic benefits.

The term UBI is used to describe a proposal where the state would provide a certain level of income for all citizens, regardless of their financial position.

The Committee’s inquiry is looking at some of the possible medium and long-term changes likely to affect the workplace and how the DWP needs to prepare to support people both in and out of work. Previous sessions have focused on the impact of automation and how to ensure young people in particular are properly supported to adapt to labour market changes.


Wednesday 11th November

At 9.30am

Panel 1

  • Stewart Lansley, Associate, Compass and Visiting Fellow, University of Bristol
  • Pavlina Draganova, National Coordinator, Organise
  • Professor Peter Alcock, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy and Administration, University of Birmingham
  • Professor David Piachaud, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy, London School of Economics

Panel 2

  • Anthony Painter, Chief Research and Impact Officer, Royal Society for the Arts
  • Professor Nick Pearce, Director, University of Bath Institute for Policy Research
  • Dr Malcolm Torry, Independent researcher and author, and General Manager of the Basic Income Earth Network
  • Paul Vaughan, Head of Communities and Neighbourhoods, Fife Council
  • Edward Davies, Director of Policy, Centre for Social Justice

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