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Urgent and Emergency Care


On Tuesday 21 January the Health Committee will take oral evidence from the Sir Bruce Keogh, Medical Director of NHS England, to investigate the recent performance of Accident and Emergency units.

The Health Committee’s report examining Urgent and Emergency Care, published in July 2013, highlighted concerns about both the short term resilience off NHS emergency urgent and emergency care and the future structure of the service. The Department of Health announced in September 2013 that an additional £250 million would be made available to support the emergency care system, including £221 million allocated across 53 NHS trusts in areas regarded as high risk. This allocation was followed up in November 2013 by a further £150 million distributed across all 157 Clinical Commissioning Groups.

In November 2013 Sir Bruce Keogh published the first report of NHS England’s urgent and emergency care review. The report outlined proposals to better coordinate and organise Urgent Care Centres and tier the delivery of emergency care through Emergency Centres and Major Emergency Centres.

The Committee will take evidence from Sir Bruce Keogh to examine both the findings of his review and the winter performance of emergency and urgent care services.