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The impact of physical activity and diet on health


There are growing concerns about the burden of disease as a result of unhealthy diets and physical inactivity; not only the impact upon individuals but the consequences for the NHS and for wider society. A significant proportion of our population takes too little exercise and many people’s diets are unbalanced with, for example, too much fat, sugar and alcohol. This in turn contributes to high and rising levels of obesity and an increase in avoidable illness and health inequality.

This inquiry looks at evidence of the impact of diet on health and the most effective way of conveying healthy eating and drinking to the public in order to achieve a more healthy weight, and evidence of the impact of physical activity on health, including its impact independent of weight. Among other things, the inquiry looks at trends in body mass index and conditions related to obesity, the role of schools and parents in encouraging active play, and the role of NHS organisations and Public Health England in improving levels of physical activity and diet.