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Budget and NHS long-term plan inquiry


The Inquiry was announced on Thursday 15 November 2018. The Committee took oral evidence on Tuesday 20 November 2018; Tuesday 27 November 2018; Tuesday 15 January 2019; and Monday 28 January 2019. Further oral evidence sessions on the implementation of the NHS Long Term Plan are planned for September and October 2019.

Building on its sessions on the Budget and the NHS Long-term Plan in November 2018 and January 2019, the Committee will examine the funding required for NHS capital, education and training, social care and public health. Oral evidence sessions will take place in September and October 2019.

Previously, the Committee has questioned witnesses on the impact of the Budget on areas of health spending not covered by the announcement of funding for the NHS over the next five years, made in June 2018 (on which the Committee took evidence on 2 July), and on the NHS Long-term Plan, published in January 2019.

Terms of Reference

The Committee invites written submissions on:

  • the funding needed in each of these four key areas to support the NHS Long-term Plan
  • the potential impact on the implementation of the Plan of a failure to provide the necessary funding in these areas
  • the impact on the wider economy and other public services of investment in these four areas.