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Inquiry launched: UK's relations with Turkey

21 July 2016

The Foreign Affairs Committee is launching an inquiry into UK's relations with Turkey.

The declaration of a state of emergency, which gives President Erdogan enhanced powers for three months, may be of particular significance for democracy and human rights in the country. 

The case for Turkey joining the EU was discussed throughout the EU Referendum. As Britain exits the EU, the current state of UK/Turkey relations will be examined.

Turkey's role in the war against ISIL will be considered along with the country's foreign and security policies in the Middle East.

Send a written submission

The Committee would welcome written submissions which address in particular:

  • The current state of UK-Turkey relations, and the FCO's recent record in managing this relationship
  • The status in Turkey of the rights and values supported by the FCO, including freedom of speech and assembly, minority rights, and the status of democracy
  • Turkey's aspirations to join the EU and how that is impacted by Brexit
  • Turkey's foreign and security policies in the Middle East, and how these correspond with FCO policies in the region. Including:
  • • Turkey's policies towards different Kurdish groups, both with Turkey itself and the wider region

    • Turkey's response to the 'Arab Spring' revolutions

  • Turkey's role as a NATO partner to the UK, including its capabilities in the fight against ISIL

Written submission deadline

The deadlines for written submissions is Thursday 20 October 2016.

Send a written submission to the Foreign Affairs Committee UK's relations with Turkey inquiry.

Chair's comment

Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Crispin Blunt MP, said:

"Our inquiries into Syria and ISIL had shown the importance of properly evaluating the UK's relationship with Turkey, and recent events have heaped significance on the terms that we announce today.

We will not shy away from focussing on rights and freedoms, as well as on how Turkish foreign and security policies relate to those of the UK.

Great changes have taken place in Turkey, and more are likely to come. But a full and frank assessment of the underlying trends will contribute to a clear UK policy for engaging this key regional power."

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