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Veterans and police representatives questioned on Troubles legacy proposals

9 June 2022

The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee hears the views of veterans and former police officers on the Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill. 


Wednesday 15 June 2022

At 9.30am

  • Danny Kinahan, Veterans Commissioner for Northern Ireland 
  • Chris Albiston, Northern Ireland Retired Police Officers Association  

At 10.30am

  • Daniel Holder, Deputy Director, Committee on the Administration of Justice and member of the Model Bill Team
  • Dr Anna Bryson, School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast and member of the Model Bill Team 
  • Jeffrey Dudgeon, Convenor, Malone House Group 
  • Dr Austen Morgan, Malone House Group 

In this evidence session, MPs question the NI Veterans Commissioner and representatives from the NI Retired Police Officers Association on the provisions in the Bill.

In a second panel, members question representatives of the Malone House Group and the Stormont House Agreement Model Bill Team.

As drafted, the Bill would give immunity from prosecution to those involved in Troubles-related incidents on the condition of full cooperation with a new information gathering body, the Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery (ICRIR).

The cross-party Committee will ask witnesses whether the new proposals could be an improvement on existing legacy arrangements.

They are also likely to be asked whether they believe the ICRIR would have sufficient powers to obtain evidence, whether the proposals could deliver closure for veterans and victims, and whether the Bill is compatible with the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and European Convention on Human Rights.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland will be giving evidence to the Committee in a forthcoming session.

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