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Senior statespeople gives evidence on Legacy proposals

7 September 2020

Senior politicians with first-hand experience of the formation or implementation of past policies to address the Troubles legacy gives evidence to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee.

The panel includes Lord Caine, Lord Empey, Lord Hain and Baroness Ritchie who between them have inside knowledge both from within UK Government and the NI Executive of the considerations, balances and pitfalls of developing legacy policy. They are likely to be asked to;

  • provide insights from their own experience working on tackling legacy issues;
  • discuss the Government’s new legacy proposals;
  • consider why progress on the Stormont House Agreement proposals has proved difficult; and
  • give their views on the potential closure of cases and who should make that decision.The evidence session is the fifth of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee’s Legacy Inquiry.


Wednesday 9 September - remote participation by witnesses and Committee members

At 09:30

  • Lord Caine (Jonathan Caine), former Special Advisor to Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 1991-1995 and 2010-2019
  • Lord Empey (Reg Empey), former Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party 2005-2010
  • Lord Hain (Peter Hain), former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland 2005-2007
  • Baroness Ricthie (Margaret Ritchie), former Leader of the Social Democratic and Labour Party 2010-11 and Minister of Social Development in the NI Executive from 2007-2010.

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Image: Pixabay