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Coronavirus and Scotland


The Committee will be inquiring into the COVID-19 pandemic, focusing on:

  • the four-nation approach
  • intergovernmental communication
  • scientific advice
  • policy divergence
  • the impact of coronavirus on various sectors in Scotland

Read theĀ call for evidence for more detail about the inquiry

Work news

Covid has had a huge impact on key Scottish sectors
Committee publish their report Coronavirus and Scotland
22 October 2020
Scottish Secretary to discuss covid impact on Scotland and Whitehall-Holyrood relations
Committee to question Alister Jack on the state of intergovernmental relations and lessons learned during the coronavirus pandemic
11 September 2020
Scottish healthcare sector reps to be quizzed by Committee
Committee to explore UK and Scottish Governments' handling of care homes, testing and PPE, in the early stages of the coronavirus outbreak
7 September 2020
Scottish fishing industry to give evidence on effect of Covid-19
Scottish Affairs Committee continues its Coronavirus and Scotland inquiry
3 September 2020
Coronavirus having ‘profound impact on devolution', say MPs
Scottish Affairs Committee publishes interim report on intergovernmental working during the coronavirus pandemic
23 July 2020
Oil and gas industry represenatives questioned on post-COVID plans
Scottish Affairs Committee examines the impact of the coronavirus crisis and the collapse of energy prices
3 July 2020
Economic and fiscal experts questioned on impacts of coronavirus
Scottish Affairs Committee examines the impact of covid on Scotland's strategic sectors
1 July 2020
Scottish food and drink sector set to lay out coronavirus impact to Scottish Affairs Committee
MPs to take evidence from Scotland's food and drink sector
22 June 2020
Experts consulted on UK and Scottish governments' handling of the coronavirus pandemic
Scottish Affairs Committee examines the UK and Scottish governments' responses to the coronavirus pandemic
15 June 2020
Scottish health secretary questioned on coronavirus
Scottish Affairs Committee hears from Jeane Freeman on coronavirus in Scotland
5 June 2020
Scotland's Chief Medical Officer to give evidence to MPs on Covid-19
Scotland's Chief Medical Officer to give evidence to MPs on Covid-19
19 May 2020
Secretary of State for Scotland gives evidence on Covid-19 strategy
Scottish Affairs Committee considers the implications of any divergence in policies and messaging between the UK and devolved governments
13 May 2020
COVID (Coronavirus) in Scotland inquiry launched
The Scottish Affairs Committee launches an inquiry into COVID in Scotland
12 May 2020
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