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Inquiry evaluating the temporary changes to Commons procedure launched

30 April 2020

The Procedure Committee invites submissions to its inquiry evaluating the temporary changes to Commons procedure brought about by coronavirus restrictions.

The call for evidence comes as the House of Commons continues to adapt to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, ensuring scrutiny of the Government's response to the pandemic can continue.

The Procedure Committee played a central role in evaluating proposals for the temporary changes to procedure and practice which were agreed to by the House of Commons on the 21st and 22nd of April. The temporary adaptations represent some of the biggest change to Commons procedure in 700 years.

Now the proposals have been approved by the House, the Procedure Committee will continue to monitor and evaluate the use of these temporary procedures over the coming weeks, as Parliament continues to scrutinise the executive's legislative proposals and holds the Government to account.

The Committee will consider evidence submissions relating to any aspect of House procedure and practice affected by coronavirus restrictions. As part of the inquiry, the Committee will also consider proposals for further changes to procedure and practice which may be necessary to allow the House's business to continue under such restrictions.

The current procedural changes approved by the House are temporary, as part of its investigation the Committee will evaluate whether any features of the changes would be suitable for being made permanent.

Submissions are initially invited up to 12 noon on Thursday 15 May 2020. Should the House decide to extend the use of any of the temporary procedures, the submission period may be extended.

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