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Written evidence

A new UK research funding agency

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Dominic Cummings, Former Chief Adviser to the Prime Minister (RFA0112)
Future Flight Concepts Ltd (RFA0111)
Imperial College London (RFA0110)
UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) (RFA0109)
Professor Peter Grindrod CBE (Professor at Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford) (RFA0108)
Adam Smith Institute (RFA0107)
Professor Matthew Flinders (Professor at The University of Sheffield) (RFA0106)
Durham University (RFA0038)
University of Bristol (RFA0105)
OGTC (RFA0022)
Anonymous (RFA0028)
Coventry University (RFA0091)
Professor Jim Watson (Research Director at UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources), and Ms Anna Watson (Doctoral researcher at SPRU, University of Sussex) (RFA0092)
Fraunhofer UK Research ltd (RFA0093)
Dr Eoin O'Sullivan (Babbage Fellow of Technology & Innovation Policy at University of Cambridge) (RFA0094)
ORCA Computing (RFA0095)
University of the West of Scotland (RFA0096)
Steve Fuller (RFA0097)
Queen's University Belfast (RFA0098)
Norwich Research Park (RFA0099)
Total results 110 (page 1 of 6)