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Commercial genomics


Genomic testing seeks to offer health benefits and can provide other useful services. However, some have raised concerns regarding the potential risks associated with genomic tests being made directly available to consumers, including on the tests’ reliability and accuracy, the support available to consumers for understanding and acting on results, and the impact of these commercial tests on the NHS.

This inquiry builds upon our predecessor Committee’s inquiry, and will make use of evidence submitted to that inquiry. Please only submit new evidence if you want to update or supplement information that the previous Committee had received, or to provide specific evidence on the ‘in-vitro diagnostic medical device’ regulation.

Read the call for evidence for more information about this inquiry.

Reports, special reports and government responses

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First Report - Direct-to-consumer genomic testing
Inquiry Commercial genomics
Committees Science and Technology Committee
HC 94

Oral evidence transcripts

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17 June 2020
Inquiry Commercial genomics
Witnesses Dr Tara Clancy (Council Member at Nuffield Council on Bioethics), Graeme Tunbridge (Director of Devices at Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency), Lord Bethell (Minister for Innovation at Department of Health and Social Care), and Professor Sir Mark Caulfield (Chief Scientist at Genomics England)
Committees Science and Technology Committee
Oral Evidence
COG0009 - Commercial genomics
Witnesses Lord Bethell (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Innovation (Lords) at Department for Health and Social Care)
Committees Science and Technology Committee
Written Evidence
COG0008 - Commercial genomics
Witnesses UKCloud Ltd
Committees Science and Technology Committee
Written Evidence
COG0007 - Commercial genomics
Witnesses Dr Yiannis Mavrommatis (Programme Director MSc Nutrition and Genetics at St Mary's University)
Committees Science and Technology Committee
Written Evidence

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