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Invasive Species inquiry


The Environmental Audit Committee launches an inquiry on the impacts of invasive species and their management.

Non-native species are those living outside their natural range which have arrived there by human activity, either deliberate or accidental. Of these, invasive species are those that negatively affect native biodiversity, ecosystem services and public health, through predation, competition or by transmitting disease. Invasive species are known to cost Great Britain at least £1.8 billion per year, mainly affecting the farming and horticultural sectors but also transport, construction, recreation, aquaculture and utilities.

Reports, special reports and government responses

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1st Report - Invasive species
Inquiry Invasive Species inquiry
HC 88
Response to this report
First Special Report - Invasive species: Government response to the Committee’s First report of Session 2019
HC 332
Special Report

Oral evidence transcripts

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25 June 2019
Inquiry Invasive Species inquiry
Witnesses Dr Emily Smith, Environment Manager, Angling Trust, Richard Atkinson, Waterways and Environment Policy Officer, British Canoeing, Kate Hills, Biosecurity and Invasives Manager, South West Water, Phil Brewin, Senior Environmental Officer, Somerset Consortium of Internal Drainage Boards representing the Association of Drainage Authorities (ADA)Kevin Austin, Deputy Director, Agriculture, Fisheries and Natural Environment, Environment Agency, Richard Shaw, Country Director, Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI), Sara Redstone, Plant Health Officer, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Dr Anna Brown, Head of Tree Health and Contingency, Forestry Commission
Oral Evidence
9 July 2019
Inquiry Invasive Species inquiry
Witnesses Lord Gardiner, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Rural Affairs and Biosecurity, Professor Nicola Spence, Chief Plant Health Officer, and Dr Niall Moore, Chief Non-Native Species Officer, Defra.
Oral Evidence
11 June 2019
Inquiry Invasive Species inquiry
Witnesses Catherine Wensink, Executive Director, UK Overseas Territories Conservation Forum, Jonathan Hall, Head of UK Overseas Territories, RSPB, Dr Kevin Hughes, Environmental Research and Monitoring Manager, British Antarctic Survey, Dr Mark Belchier, Director of Fisheries and Environment, Government of South Georgia and South Sandwich IslandsDr David Aldridge, Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Biology, Fellow, St Catharine's College, Cambridge, Rob Quest, Assistant Director (Animal Health and Welfare), City of London Corporation, Dr Tracey King, Assistant Chief Executive, Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association
Oral Evidence
Professor Andrew Cunningham (INV0126)
British Canoeing (INV0125)

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