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Technology use during the Covid-19 crisis and the UK's future digital needs to be explored by MPs

17 July 2020

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee hears from experts on how Government and businesses can turn the Covid-19 crisis into an opportunity for innovation-led economic recovery.


Tuesday 21 July  - remote participation by witnesses and members of the Committee

At 9.30am

  • Richard Piggin, Head of External Affairs, Which?
  • Felicity Burch, Director of Innovation and Digital, CBI
  • Harry Armstrong, Head of Technology Futures, Nesta 
  • James Heath, Chief Executive, National Infrastructure Commission

Purpose of the session

The Covid-19 crisis has rapidly changed the way we interact with digital technology. With more work, education, health and social activities moving online, MPs will consider the impact of our increasing reliance on digital platforms. The Committee will investigate the opportunities and risks this presents to consumers and businesses and take evidence on telecoms infrastructure, AI adoption in the workplace and digital upskilling.

Another focus of the session will be understanding the nation's future digital needs, taking evidence from witnesses on the Government's pledge to deliver gigabit-capable networks to every home by 2025. The Committee's full inquiry into Broadband and the Road to 5G will start taking evidence later this year.

This evidence session is part of the DCMS Committee's inquiry into the impact of Covid-19 on DCMS sectors.

Further information

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