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Humanitarian crises monitoring: coronavirus in developing countries: secondary impacts


Second phase of the inquiry

During the first phase of the inquiry into the pandemic’s impact on the Global South, the Committee looked at the risks and threats faced by countries going into the pandemic. The Committee received evidence on a range of potential secondary impacts – largely expected to arise from the measures and restrictions perceived as necessary to combat the spread of infection. The IDC has agreed a second coronavirus inquiry aimed at assessing these secondary impacts. It will consider the effectiveness of measures and interventions aimed at tackling them.

Terms of reference: Humanitarian crises monitoring: coronavirus in developing countries: secondary impacts 

First phase of the inquiry

The International Development Committee has launched an inquiry, Humanitarian crises monitoring, which will start by considering the impact of coronavirus on developing countries around the world and the UK’s response. Countries with on-going humanitarian crises, or other dependencies on development aid, face significantly different challenges than higher income countries in tackling coronavirus. Where local agencies and infrastructure, including healthcare, is limited, and the provision of aid supplies and personnel is restricted, mounting an effective response to the pandemic will be extremely challenging.

Terms of reference: Humanitarian crises monitoring: impact of coronavirus 

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