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Energy Prices, Profits and Poverty


The Committee’s recent inquiry, Consumer Engagement with Energy Markets found that public trust in energy companies was low and there was a clear sense of a lack of transparency around energy company prices and profits.

Fuel poverty is projected to hit 3.9m households in 2012 as rising energy prices put increasing pressure on low income consumers, often compounded by extra charges which penalise those who are struggling most.

This inquiry aims to investigate through an analysis of energy prices, energy company profits and fuel poverty what is being done to ensure consumer protection and fairness in the energy market.

Evidence session 1, 12 March 2013: transcript (PDF 131 KB) | video
Evidence session 2, 16 April 2013: transcript | video
Evidence session 3, 9 May 2013: transcript (PDF 132 KB) | video
Evidence session 4, 21 May 2013: transcript (PDF 224 KB) | video