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Written evidence

Changing the perfect picture: an inquiry into body image

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Anonymised (Miss0070)
Richard Earley (Public Policy Manager at Facebook) (Miss0069)
Transport for London (Miss0068)
Advertising Standards Authority (Miss0067)
British Naturists (Miss0066)
Professor Clare Chambers (Member at Nuffield Council on Bioethics) (Miss0065)
Anonymous (Miss0061)
Vince Mayne (Chief Executive Officer at British Universities and Colleges Sport) (Miss0064)
Christine Campbell (Lecturer in Psychology at St Mary's University), Craig Owen (Senior lecturer in Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University), Nicola Brown (Reader in Female Health at St Mary's University), Cleo Jaye (Lecturer in Psychology at St Mary's University), Anne Majumdar (Senior Lecturer in Nutrition at St Mary's University), Atefeh Omrani (Research Associate in Breast health at St Mary's University), and Joanne O'Prey (Research Assistant in Psychology at St Mary's University) (Miss0063)
Ann Sinnott (Director at Authentic Equity Alliance) (Miss0062)
Rosalind Gill (Professor at City, University of London) (Miss0060)
Girlguiding (Miss0059)
Stonewall (Miss0058)
Government Equalities Office (Miss0057)
Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation (Miss0056)
Ms Hannah Lewis (PhD Student & Body Image Policy Consultant at Queen Mary, University of London) (Miss0055)
AnyBody UK (Miss0054)
LGB Alliance (Miss0053)
LGBT Foundation (Miss0052)
Mermaids (Miss0051)
Total results 65 (page 1 of 4)