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Economic impact of coronavirus


In the first stage of its economic impact of the coronavirus inquiry, the Committee issued a call for evidence on the speed, effectiveness and reach of the Government’s and Bank of England’s immediate financial responses to coronavirus. The Committee highlighted gaps in support to the Treasury.

In the second stage, the Committee examined the impact on the economy and different sectors, the implications for public finances, and how the Government can work towards a sustained recovery.

The next stage of the inquiry will deal with the coronavirus response as it continues to unfold but also with some of the long-term implications of the challenges and opportunities of the “new normal”. 

Read an interactive summary of the the key points of our interim report on gaps in support

Read an interactive summary of the key points of our second interim report on the challenges to recovery

Read an interactive summary of the key points of our third interim report on gaps in support and economic analysis

Read the call for evidence for more detail about the inquiry.

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