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Military exercises and the duty of care: follow up inquiry


The Defence Committee published a report, "Beyond Endurance? Military exercises and the duty of care", examining the overarching policies and guidance of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces in respect of the health and safety of service personnel during training, exercises and selection events and whether effective processes existed for learning the lessons from accidents and deaths that have occurred during such events.

The Committee indicated when it published the Government Response that it would return to this subject to monitor the MoD's progress on the Committee's conclusions and recommendations and various initiatives outlined by the MoD in its response.

Previous Report: "Beyond Endurance? Military exercises and the duty of care"

Report: Published 24 April 2016

Government Response: Published 10 July 2016

MoD Ad Hoc Statistical Bulletin - Training and exercise deaths in UK Armed Forces: 1 January 2000 to 5 November 2016: Published 18 November 2016