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Written evidence

The impact of COVID-19 on education and children’s services

Total results 454 (page 23 of 23)
Northern Powerhouse Partnership (CIE0024)
Publishers Association (CIE0025)
Pearson (CIE0026)
Whitehead-Ross Education (CIE0028)
Miss Charlotte Bagnall (CIE0029)
Eve Dickson (Policy Officer at Project 17) (CIE0001)
Professor John Howson (Chairman at TeachVac) (CIE0003)
Pyramid Project at the University of West London (CIE0004)
Qais Hussain (CIE0006)
Dennis Sherwood (CIE0007)
Parentkind (CIE0008)
Dimples Day Nursery (CIE0011)
Walters (CIE0015)
Education Select Committee (CIE0005)
Total results 454 (page 23 of 23)