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Written evidence

The impact of COVID-19 on education and children’s services

Total results 454 (page 19 of 23)
Comprehensive Future (CIE0091)
PaJeS (CIE0092)
Pupils 2 Parliament (CIE0093)
British Association for Early Childhood Education (Early Education) (CIE0096)
Catholic Education Service (CIE0097)
Dr Konstantinos Trimmis (Researcher at Cathays High School ) (CIE0098)
Prisoners' Education Trust (CIE0099)
Miss Niharika Paul (CIE0100)
National Deaf Children's Society (CIE0101)
Women's Aid Federation of England (CIE0102)
Local Government Association (CIE0104)
Helen's Place Educational Consultancy (CIE0077)
Girlguiding (CIE0078)
National Education Opportunities Network (CIE0079)
Challenge Partners (CIE0080)
Impetus (CIE0086)
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (CIE0087)
The School and Nursery Milk Alliance (CIE0088)
Dr Umar Toseeb, and Dr Kathryn Asbury (CIE0089)
Catch22 (CIE0090)
Total results 454 (page 19 of 23)