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Written evidence

The impact of COVID-19 on education and children’s services

Total results 454 (page 14 of 23)
Early Intervention Foundation (CIE0220)
Jill Cuthbertson (Volunteer at Power to Connect) (CIE0196)
R Clayton, M Potter, and Dr C Clayton (Research at Leeds Trinity University) (CIE0197)
Mr Anthony Boyle (CIE0198)
Royal Statistical Society (CIE0199)
Universities UK (CIE0200)
Royal Society of Biology (CIE0201)
Just for Kids Law (CIE0202)
Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (CIE0205)
Mrs Marion Holdsworth (CIE0206)
Embracing Complexity (CIE0207)
Mrs Caroline Vile (Headteacher at Ellesmere Port Catholic High School) (CIE0208)
NYAS (National Youth Advocacy Service) (CIE0209)
Professor Dominic Wyse (Director at Helen Hamlyn Centre for Pedagogy, UCL Institute of Education) (CIE0192)
Professor Rob Cuthbert (CIE0193)
Professor Simon Burgess (Professor of Economics at University of Bristol) (CIE0195)
Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) (CIE0181)
Children's Services Development Group (CSDG) (CIE0182)
VIEW (CIE0183)
Mr Gary Moment (CIE0184)
Total results 454 (page 14 of 23)