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Written evidence

The impact of COVID-19 on education and children’s services

Total results 454 (page 13 of 23)
Mrs Jaki Parsons (CIE0252)
Sarah Large (CIE0253)
Katherine Atkinson (CIE0254)
Triple P UK (CIE0226)
Susannah Chambers (CIE0227)
GTA England (CIE0229)
Ms Emma cruickshank (Head of CYPF at Thomas Pocklington Trust, NA at RNIB, NA at RSBC , and NA at Guide dogs) (CIE0230)
Professor Helen Stalford (Director at European Children's Rights Unit, School of Law and Social Justice, University of Liverpool) (CIE0231)
Just for Kids Law (CIE0232)
Mrs Emma Turner (CIE0233)
Mr Philip Glanville (Mayor at Hackney Council) (CIE0235)
Anonymised (CIE0236)
Ms Gill Purchase (CIE0239)
mrs rebecca graham (CIE0240)
Children's Food Campaign / Sustain (CIE0221)
Promote-ed (CIE0223)
Marine Society and Sea Cadets (MSSC) (CIE0225)
Out of School Alliance (CIE0211)
Mr Michael Bell (CIE0213)
Professor Simon Burgess (CIE0214)
Total results 454 (page 13 of 23)