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Written evidence

The impact of COVID-19 on education and children’s services

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Professor Lee Elliot Major (Professor of Social Mobility at University of Exeter), and Andy Eyles (research economist in the education and skills programme at The Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics) (CIE0661)
Anne Longfield OBE (Children's Commissioner at Office of the Children's Commissioner for England) (CIE0660)
Mr Mohamed Shauq (CIE0502)
Miss Lilibeth Glover (CIE0589)
Dr Maria Loades (Clinical Psychologist & Senior Lecturer at University of Bath) (CIE0603)
GTA England Ltd (CIE0605)
Mr JOHN PHILLIPS (Senior Consultant at JPH Performance Management) (CIE0606)
Miss Rashida Din (Assistant Headteacher at Greys Academy) (CIE0607)
Mrs Savinder Gill (CIE0613)
Miss Freya Jones (CIE0586)
Smith (Student at Graduated from High School in June), and Williamson (Student at Graduated from High School in June) (CIE0583)
Amanda Pike (CIE0584)
Dr. Anna Tsakalaki (Lecturer in Education at Institute of Education) (CIE0585)
Miss Freya Jones (CIE0587) (CIE0554)
Professor Alison Kington (Professor in Psychology of Education at University of Worcester), Dr Maxine Watkins (Lecturer in Psychology at University of Worcester), and Kathryn Spicksley (PhD candidate and Associate Lecturer in Education at University of Worcester) (CIE0555)
Placement Support (CIE0556)
Dennis Sherwood (CIE0558)
Mrs Pamela Newman (CIE0559)
Dr Ava Lorenc (Senior Research Associate at University of Bristol), Jeremy Horwood, Beki Langford, Judi Kidger, and Joanna Kesten (CIE0560)
Total results 454 (page 1 of 23)