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The Committee on Standards is continuing its inquiry into possible reforms to the system of sanctions for breaches of the rules set out in the Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament. 

There are currently a range of sanctions that may be imposed on Members who are found to have breached the rules.  These include oral or written apologies, suspension of salary, suspension from the service of the House for a specified period, or expulsion.  The Committee will consider the purpose of sanctions, whether the current range of sanctions is satisfactory, how effectively they can be enforced, and if there should be additional options of varying severity, between apology and suspension.  The Committee will also consider how the sanctions it recommends or imposes interact with the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards’ rectification procedure.

Parliament’s Behaviour Code ( PDF 440 KB) has been adopted by both the House of Lords and the House of Commons, supported by an Independent Complaints and Grievances Scheme (ICGS).  In light of these developments, the Committee’s aim is to ensure that the House has a robust, fair and enforceable system of sanctions which are fit for purpose.