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Written evidence

Improving outcomes for women in the criminal justice system

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Women in Prison (CJS0013)
Dr Carly Lightowlers (Senior Lecturer Criminology at University of Liverpool) (CJS0001)
Fair Play for Women (CJS0002)
Greater Manchester Combined Authority, and Greater Manchester Probation Service (CJS0003)
Women's Budget Group (CJS0004)
Prison Reform Trust (CJS0005)
Changing Lives (CJS0006)
The Disabilities Trust (CJS0007)
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Women in the Penal System (CJS0008)
Clinks (CJS0009)
Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody (CJS0010)
Women in Prison (CJS0011)
Independent Monitoring Boards (CJS0012)
Total results 13 (page 1 of 1)