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Electronic Waste and the Circular Economy


The Environmental Audit Committee re-launched an inquiry into Electronic Waste and the Circular Economy on Friday 13 March. This inquiry will explore how the UK could reduce its environmental impact, create economic opportunities and maintain access to critical materials by better managing and minimising its e-waste.

Evidence submitted to the inquiry in the previous Parliament will be carried forward, but the Committee welcomes any additional written evidence on some, or all, of the following points:

Implementing a Circular Economy for Electronic Goods

  • What steps are being taken to move towards a circular economy for electronic goods? How can the UK Government support this transition?
  • What is the environmental and human health risk from e-waste? How significant is it and who is most at risk?
  • How can secondary markets for electrical goods be improved? What incentives are required to implement these markets?
  • Why does recovering materials from electronic waste pose a significant challenge? What support is required to facilitate the adoption of recovery technologies?

UK’s Electronic Waste Sector

  • Are UK Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) collection targets achievable? What challenges do UK producer compliance schemes and WEEE reprocessors face in meeting the collection targets?
  • What causes fraud in the UK’s e-waste system? How can this be addressed?
  • What action can the UK Government take to prevent to the illegal export of e-waste to the developing world?
  • What proposals does the UK Government need to consider as part of its consultation on WEEE?
  • Is UK public awareness of e-waste recycling satisfactory? If not, how can it be improved?

Read the call for evidence for more information about this inquiry.

Read an interactive summary of our report.

Work news

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26 November 2020
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24 June 2020
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22 June 2020
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The Environmental Audit Committee examines electronic waste and the circular economy
8 June 2020
MPs relaunch Electronic Waste & the Circular Economy inquiry
The Environmental Audit Committee has re-launched an inquiry into Electronic Waste and the Circular Economy, looking at how the UK can get to grips with the fastest growing category of waste in the world.
13 March 2020
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