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Committee examines potential trade agreement with Gulf states

11 July 2022

The International Trade Committee explores the potential economic implications for the UK of entering into a trade agreement with the GCC – the bloc of Gulf monarchies comprising Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


Wednesday 13 July 2022

At 2.00pm

  • Rosa Crawford, Policy Officer, TUC
  • Martin Myant, Associate Researcher, European Trade Union Institute
  • Pete Pattisson, Investigate Journalist

In this session, MPs will scrutinise the Government’s negotiations with the bloc, with a particular interest in how an agreement might impact business and workers.

There will be questions about labour standards in GCC countries and accounts of human rights abuses against workers, including by companies involved in the supply chains of UK firms.

The cross-party Committee of MPs will also seek to learn about whether labour standards could be incorporated into the terms of a future trade agreement with the GCC, and what enforcement mechanisms could be built in to ensure they are upheld.

The UK Government published information on its strategic approach towards pursuing a free trade agreement with the GCC in June.

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