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Written evidence

Diversity and inclusion in STEM

Total results 107 (page 5 of 6)
MathsWorldUK (DIV0016)
National Association of Disabled Staff Networks (DIV0017)
Knowledge Exchange Unit, POST, UK Parliament (DIV0018)
Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation (DIV0019)
EngineeringUK (DIV0020)
IOE, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society (DIV0021)
Science Museum Group (DIV0022)
Universities UK (DIV0023)
Brunel University London (DIV0024)
British Society for Immunology (DIV0025)
Bournemouth University (DIV0026)
The Institution of Engineering and Technology (DIV0027)
Society for Applied Microbiology (DIV0028)
The Francis Crick Institute (DIV0029)
Mathematical Institute and Department of Statistics, Oxford University (DIV0030)
Dr Angus Holford (Research Fellow at University of Essex), and Dr Margaret Leighton (Lecturer at University of St Andrews) (DIV0001)
The University of Warwick, and The University of Warwick (DIV0002)
University of Reading (DIV0003)
Dr Emma Chapman (Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow and Proleptic Lecturer at University of Nottingham) (DIV0004)
Total results 107 (page 5 of 6)