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Written evidence

Council Tax Collection

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TellJO (CTC0041)
Miss Teressa Cornish (Debt Advice Caseworker at Money Advice Plymouth) (CTC0001)
Norfolk County Council (CTC0002)
Local Government Association (LGA) (CTC0003)
Mid Sussex District Council (CTC0005)
Bristow & Sutor (CTC0006)
Hayden (CTC0007)
Mid Devon District Council (CTC0008)
Policy in Practice (CTC0009)
Jacobs (CTC0010)
CDER Group (CTC0011)
Civil Enforcement Association (CTC0013)
Money and Mental Health Policy Institute (CTC0016)
North Norfolk District Council (CTC0017)
Lowell (CTC0018)
Dukes Bailiffs Limited (CTC0020)
Anglia Revenues Partnership, Breckland Council, East Cambridgeshire Council, East Suffolk Council, Fenland Council, and West Suffolk Council (CTC0021)
Marston Holdings (CTC0022)
Money Advice Trust (CTC0023)
Jubilee Debt Campaign (CTC0024)
Total results 35 (page 1 of 2)