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MPs hold evidence session on conversion therapy

19 November 2021

The House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee holds the first of two evidence sessions on the subject of Conversion Therapy. The Government is undertaking a six-week consultation on a ban on conversion therapy (which has been broadly defined as treatments or practices that aim to change or suppress someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity).

Purpose of the session

In this session, the Committee will hear from two panels of witnesses, exploring different concerns about the Government’s proposals.  

Topics are to include:

  • what a definition of conversion therapy should look like
  • the issue of informed consent
  • religious freedoms
  • parental responsibilities. 

The Committee will also explore the proposal to allow conversion therapy in cases where those over 18, who are not considered vulnerable, have given informed consent.   

On Tuesday, 30 November, the Committee will hold a second evidence session on the subject with a Government Minister. The Government's consultation of the proposed ban will close on 10 December. 


Wednesday 24 November from 2:30

Panel 1:

From 2.30pm: 

  • Dr Sheikh Ramzy, Director of Oxford International Islamic Information Centre
  • Danny Webster, Head of Advocacy, Evangelical Alliance 
  • Simon Calvert, Deputy Director for Public Affairs at The Christian Institute 

Panel 2:

From approx. 3.30pm: 

  • Jayne Ozanne, Director, Ozanne Foundation 
  • Rev Dr Helen Hall, Associate Professor, Nottingham Law School 
  • Dr Ilias Trispiotis, Associate Professor in Human Rights Law, University of Leeds 

Further information

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