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Written evidence

UNCLOS: fit for purpose in the 21st century?

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Professor Natalie Klein (Professor and Australian Research Council Future Fellow at Faculty of Law and Justice, UNSW Sydney) (UNC0047)
Dr Douglas Guilfoyle (Associate Professor of International and Security Law at University of New South Wales Canberra), and Professor Natalie Klein (Professor of International Law at University of New South Wales Sydney) (UNC0001)
Dr Ioannis Chapsos (Assistant Professor (Research) at Coventry University), Dr James Malcolm (Assistant Professor (Research) at Coventry University), and Dr Robert McCabe (Assistant Professor (Research) at Coventry University) (UNC0002)
Professor Natalie Klein (Professor of Law at UNSW Sydney), A/Professor Douglas Guilfoyle (Associate Professor at UNSW Canberra), A/Professor Saiful Karim (Associate Professor at Queensland University of Technology), and Professor Rob McLaughlin (Professor at Australian National University) (UNC0003)
Professor Andrew Serdy (Professor of Public International Law and Ocean Governance at University of Southampton) (UNC0004)
Dr Marianthi Pappa (Assistant Professor in Law at University of Nottingham) (UNC0005)
Professor Edwin Egede (Professor of International Law & International Relations at Cardiff University School of Law & Politics) (UNC0006)
Mr. Monim Benaissa (Part time Professor and Researcher at University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law) (UNC0007)
Sir Michael Wood (UNC0009)
Professor James Harrison (Professor of Environmental Law at School of Law, University of Edinburgh) (UNC0010)
Professor Robin Churchill (Emeritus Professor of International Law at University of Dundee), and Dr Jacques Hartmann (Reader at University of Dundee) (UNC0011)
Dr Bill Hayton (Associate Fellow, Asia-Pacific Programme at Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Affairs)) (UNC0012)
SafeSeas (UNC0014)
Professor Richard Barnes (Professor of International Law at The University of Lincoln; The University of Tromsø), and Professor Elizabeth Kirk (Professor of Global Governance and Ecological Justice at The University of Lincoln) (UNC0015)
Advisory Committee on Protection of the Sea (ACOPS) (UNC0017)
UK Ministry of Defence (UNC0018)
Amnesty International UK (UNC0019)
Dr. Montserrat Gorina-Ysern (Founder and President at Healthy Children-Healthy Oceans Foundation) (UNC0020)
National Oceanography Centre, UK (UNC0022)
Total results 44 (page 1 of 3)