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Northern Ireland Economy and Finance Ministers to give evidence on investment in NI

18 March 2022

Gordon Lyons and Conor Murphy, Northern Ireland Executive Economy and Finance Ministers respectively, will give evidence to the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee on investment in Northern Ireland over two sessions on 22 March.

In recent years the UK Government have announced a raft of schemes to invest in Northern Ireland, including City Deals, and the UK Shared Prosperity and Community Renewal Funds meant to replace EU ‘Structural Funds’ following Brexit. The session comes after Invest NI said they are suspending financing for new projects. They had received £23m a year from EU funding.

In separate written evidence to the Committee, the Department for the Economy and the Finance Minister highlighted the increased risk of duplication and the schemes delivering poor value for money as a result of a lack of a ‘meaningful role’ for the Executive in deciding the distribution of cash.

MPs on the Committee will question the Ministers on the performance of UK Government funding schemes, the impact of Brexit, and the Executive’s plans to boost investment and close the skills gap through the ‘10X Economy’ strategy while also meeting the region’s net-zero aims.

The session is the fifth oral evidence session of the Committee’s Investment in Northern Ireland inquiry.


Tuesday 22 March

At 9.00am

  • Gordon Lyons MLA, Minister for the Economy, Northern Ireland Department for the Economy

At 12.30pm

  • Conor Murphy MLA, Minister of Finance, Northern Ireland Department of Finance

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