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Written evidence

Open justice: court reporting in the digital age

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Steven Gee QC (Barrister at Monckton Chambers) (OPJ0047)
Dr Royston Flude (President at CSPOC) (OPJ0046)
Magistrates Association (OPJ0045)
Dominic Casciani (Home and Legal Correspondent at BBC News) (OPJ0027)
Martin Bentham (Home Affairs Editor at Evening Standard) (OPJ0005)
Guardian News & Media (OPJ0044)
PA Media (OPJ0043)
The Legal Education Foundation (OPJ0042)
National Union of Journalists (OPJ0041)
Jacob Atkins (Reporter at Global Trade Review) (OPJ0040)
Mr Thomas Cliff (OPJ0039)
Nuffield Family Justice Observatory (OPJ0038)
His Honour Clifford Bellamy (Retired Circuit Judge at n/a) (OPJ0037)
Dr Rebecca Helm (Director, Evidence Based Justice Lab at University of Exeter) (OPJ0036)
Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales and Senior President of Tribunals (OPJ0035)
Ministry of Justice (OPJ0034)
The Bar Council (OPJ0033)
Spotlight on Corruption (OPJ0032)
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (OPJ0031)
The Transparency Project (OPJ0029)
Total results 44 (page 1 of 3)