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Written evidence

Labour shortages in the food and farming sector

Total results 93 (page 1 of 5)
British Meat Processors Association (LS0095)
Cranswick Plc (LS0071)
Sofina Foods Inc (LS0072)
British Poultry Council (LS0093)
Anonymised (LS0092)
West Sussex Growers’ Association (WSGA) (LS0089)
Karro Food Group (LS0090)
Cranswick Plc (LS0091)
Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (LS0077)
National Pig Association (NPA) (LS0078)
Royal Association of British Dairy Farmers (LS0079)
University of Leeds, Carlos Vargas-Silva (Director of the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society at Leeds University), and University of Leeds (LS0080)
Horticultural Trades Association (LS0081)
National Farmers Union of Scotland (NFU Scotland) (LS0082)
Greater Lincolnshire LEP (LS0083)
Provision Trade Federation (LS0084)
British Poultry Council (LS0085)
G's Fresh Ltd (LS0086)
Pro Force (LS0087)
Association of Labour Providers (LS0088)
Total results 93 (page 1 of 5)