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MPs take evidence on the recovery in the aviation sector

20 September 2021

This scene-setting oral evidence session is the first in the Committee’s new inquiry examining the recovery of airlines and airports from the coronavirus pandemic.

Purpose of the session

This session will examine the effects of the Government’s policy on international travel, including the system for international travel and travel requirements such as PCR testing.

Likely subjects for discussion include:

  • The impact of the pandemic on airlines and airports
  • The Government’s system for international travel
  • Barriers to the reopening of international travel
  • The cost and necessity of PCR testing.


Tuesday 21 September 2021.

From 3.00pm:

  • John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive, Heathrow Airport
  • Stewart Wingate, Chief Executive, Gatwick Airport
  • Sophie Dekkers, Chief Commercial Officer, easyJet
  • Colm Lacy, Acting Chief Commercial Officer, British Airways

Further information

Image: Unsplash