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Written evidence

Health assessments for benefits

Total results 140 (page 1 of 7)
Anonymised (HAB0117)
Ms Jayne Gale (Art Psychotherapist and Council clerk at Creative Futures Art Therapy) (HAB0147)
Mrs Joanne Gordon (Chair at Asbestos Victims Support Groups’ Forum UK) (HAB0113)
miss Michelle McCluskey (ADMINISTRATOR at Forestry) (HAB0143)
Miss P m Dolan (HAB0141)
Vaughan Thomas (Welfare Rights Adviser at Norfolk Community Law Service) (HAB0138)
J Longstaff (HAB0132)
Darren Levy (HAB0128)
Mr Howard Gordon (Director at Deepness Ltd) (HAB0121)
Mr Simon Duffy MCIEH (Environmental Health Officer at Manchester City Council) (HAB0084)
Ms Rosalyn Lord (HAB0077)
mrs taryn taylor, and mr william taylor (HAB0063)
Mrs Anne Egan (HAB0047)
Mr Michael Watson (HAB0028)
Dr dylan murphy (HAB0024)
A Bennetton (HAB0018)
Mr John Sutton (HAB0015)
Miss Parker (Specialist Speech and Language Therapist at NHS) (HAB0016)
Mr Peter Kemp (Retired Head Groundsman at Lensbury Club (Shell Oil)) (HAB0012)
Alan Budimirovic (HAB0010)
Total results 140 (page 1 of 7)