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Written evidence

Draft Online Safety Bill

Total results 234 (page 9 of 12)
Who Targets Me (OSB0086)
Care (OSB0085)
Refuge (OSB0084)
Stonewall (OSB0083)
Direct Line Group (OSB0082)
Girlguiding (OSB0081)
Association of British Insurers (OSB0079)
Mr Mark Taber (Consumer Finance Expert, Campaigner & Media Contributor at Mark Taber) (OSB0077)
Microsoft (OSB0076)
Mencap (OSB0075)
BBC (OSB0074)
British & Irish Law, Education & Technology Association (OSB0073)
Twitter (OSB0072)
Dr Kim Barker (Senior Lecturer in Law at Open University), and Dr Olga Jurasz (Senior Lecturer in Law at Open University) (OSB0071)
RSA (royal society for the encouragement of arts, manufactures and commerce) (OSB0070)
SumOfUs (OSB0068)
Advisory Committee For Scotland. (OSB0067)
Professor Damian Tambini (Distinguished Policy Fellow and Associate Professor at London School of Economics and Political Science) (OSB0066)
The Independent Media Association (OSB0064)
Dr Martin Moore (Senior Lecturer at King's College London) (OSB0063)
Total results 234 (page 9 of 12)