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Foreign Affairs Committee to question expert witnesses on tilt to the Indo-Pacific

1 July 2022

The Foreign Affairs Committee continues its inquiry into the tilt to the Indo-Pacific, holding an evidence session hearing from two panels of expert witnesses. This session will focus on the UK’s relationship with Japan, as well as the role of Japan in the Integrated Review.

Purpose of the session

The session will explore changes in Japan’s defence posture, as well as how the UK’s relationship with Japan can be deepened to maximise military, technological and other areas of co-operation. Collaboration on cybersecurity, in particular, will be a focus of the session.


Tuesday 5 July

Panel 1- at 14.30

  • Alessio Patalano, Professor of War & Strategy in East Asia at King’s College
  • Jamie Collier, Senior Threat Intelligence Advisor at Mandiant
  • Mihoko Matsubara, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, NTT Corporation, Tokyo

Panel 2 - at 3.30pm

  • Robert Ward, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) Japan Chair
  • Bill Emmott, former editor-in-chief of The Economist

Further information

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