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Taiwanese former MP and a former UK Representative to Taiwan to appear in front of Foreign Affairs Committee

12 November 2021

On 16 November, at 2.30pm, the Foreign Affairs Committee will hear from a panel of Taiwan experts, including a former Taiwanese MP and a former British Representative to Taiwan.

The session will feed into the inquiry into the tilt to the Indo-Pacific. The Committee will likely explore the UK’s engagement with Taiwan, its trade and technology relations, and the role the UK might play in responding to growing aggression by the People’s Republic of China (PRC). The session will likely discuss the current defence agreements in the region, including AUKUS, asking what the UK’s contribution to these may be, and how the UK should respond in the event that China invades Taiwan.

Jason Hsu is a former MP and tech entrepreneur. As an MP, he largely focused on the policy areas of foreign affairs, defence and technology. He holds advisory and partnership roles in companies and organisations including the Center for Strategic Cyberspace & International Studies.

Michael Reilly is a former British Representative to Taiwan and a Member of Advisory Board of the Global Taiwan Institute. In his career as a diplomat, Reilly principally focused on the UK policy towards East and South East Asia. Mr Reilly’s final Foreign and Commonwealth Office appointment was as Director of the British Trade and Cultural office in Taipei from 2005-2009, the de facto British embassy to Taiwan.


Tuesday 16 November

  • Michael Reilly – Former British Representative to Taiwan and Member, Advisory Board of the Global Taiwan Institute
  • Dr Alessio Patalano, Professor of War and Strategy in East Asia at King’s College London, and Senior Fellow at Policy Exchange
  • Jason Hsu – Former Taiwanese MP, Tech Entrepreneur

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