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UK-Welsh Government working to continue to meet respective net zero targets

14 July 2022

Accepting a key recommendation of the Welsh Affairs Committee, the UK Government has today confirmed continued working between the UK and Welsh Governments on meeting their respective net zero targets.

The UK Government also acknowledged the cultural impacts trade agreements could have on Welsh farming communities. In its report considering family farms in Wales, the Committee stated that language and culture of farming communities in Wales must be protected.

In its response to the Committee’s report, the UK Government also stated that it is satisfied with the level of transparency and regulation surrounding carbon offset schemes. The Committee flagged that such schemes lead to the purchase of viable agricultural land that farmers are often priced out of.

Welsh Affairs Committee Chair, Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP, said:

“Family farms in Wales contribute significantly: not just the food they help put on our tables, but the cultural traditions they keep alive. The agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors in Wales represent 43% of Welsh-speaking workers.

“During our inquiry, we heard concerning evidence that the language and cultural traditions are at risk. It is therefore reassuring that the cultural significance of farming in Wales will be recognised during trade negotiations to try and prevent the further erosion of traditions.

“It is also very welcome to have confirmation from the UK Government its commitment to continue working with the Welsh Government to meet net zero targets.”

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Image: Robin Greenwood from Pixabay