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MPs explore impact of climate change on family farming in Wales

28 January 2022

The impacts of climate change policy and free trade agreements (FTAs) on family farming in Wales is explored by the Welsh Affairs Committee. It marks the second session of the Committee’s inquiry into ‘The economic and cultural impacts of trade and environmental policy of family farms in Wales’.

Purpose of the session

MPs will explore the challenges facing family farms and farming communities in Wales with the Welsh Government Minister for Climate Change Julie James MS. Topics likely to be covered include:

  • The dual impacts of climate change and FTAs on family farming in Wales;
  • The buying of farmland by large companies to plant trees off-setting their carbon emissions;
  • Measures to ensure the future-proofing of agriculture in Wales;
  • Future agricultural policies across the UK.


Tuesday 2 February 2022

From 10:00am:

  • Julie James MS, Minister for Climate Change, Welsh Government

Further information

Image: Unsplash