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MPs look at challenges facing family farming in Wales

19 November 2021

The Welsh Affairs Committee holds the first evidence session of its new family farming inquiry.

Purpose of the session

MPs are likely to use the session to explore the main challenges facing family farms and farming communities in Wales. They will consider the impacts of free trade agreements and the UK Government’s environmental policy on the sector.

Taking evidence across two panels, the Committee is also likely to cover topics including:

  • The uniqueness of Welsh farms;
  • The importance of safeguarding the Welsh language;
  • Concerns about companies buying farmland to plant trees to offset carbon emissions; and
  • Supporting future generations of farmers.


Wednesday 24 November 2021

From 10am

  • Nick Fenwick, Head of Policy, Farmers Union of Wales (FUW)
  • John Davies, President, National Farmers Union Cymru
  • William Jones, Chairman of the Rural Affairs Committee, Wales Federation of Young Farmers Clubs

From 11am

  • David Williams, Wales – Partnerships Manager and Regional Lead, Farming Community Network
  • Professor Terry Marsden, Emeritus Professor, Cardiff University

Further Information

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