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STV executives questioned on channel’s operation

10 November 2021

The Scottish Affairs Committee hears from the Chief Executive of the commercially-funded public service broadcaster STV at its third evidence session examining public broadcasting in Scotland.

The Committee takes place on Monday 15 November 2021.

Purpose of the session

The session, which follows previous scrutiny of the BBC’s commitment to Scotland and the privatisation of Channel 4, will examine the channel’s management and its growing viewership. STV reaches 80% of Scottish adults every month, or 3.2 million people, with STV News at Six the most watched news programme in Scotland. However, recent years have seen sustained falls in combined STV/ITV spending on programming made specifically for Scotland, from £10.9m in 2017 to £8.2m in 2020.

Likely areas of questioning

The Committee quiz STV’s Chief Executive and Managing Editor for Broadcast, with potential subjects including:

  • STV investment into programming made for viewers in Scotland, including STV performance against Ofcom-regulated quotas;
  • The channel’s current and future relationship with ITV, its largest supplier of content;
  • What the UK Government and/or Ofcom can do to better support public broadcasting and TV production in Scotland;
  • The impact on STV of its pandemic-related cost-cutting measures;
  • How the rise of streaming services and social media is affecting STV.


Monday 15 November 2021

From 15:00:

  • Simon Pitts, Chief Executive, STV
  • Bobby Hain, Managing Director, Broadcast, STV

Further information

Image: Unplash