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Channel 4’s privatisation under the spotlight by MPs

16 September 2021

The Scottish Affairs Committee will be holding its second evidence session examining public broadcasting in Scotland, hearing from Channel 4 and independent production companies the channel works with in Scotland. 

Purpose of the session

The session examining Channel 4’s performance comes shortly after the network announced its best-ever annual results. However, the former UK Government Culture Secretary said earlier this week that privatisation, and the investment that comes with it, is needed to help the broadcaster grow and compete with streaming services, but that the channel’s status as a public service broadcaster would be protected in the event of a sale.

Channel 4’s Chief Executive and Commissioning Editor will be quizzed by the Committee, before the Managing Directors of Two Rivers Media, Firecrest Films and Raise the Roof Productions give evidence. Among the issues likely to be discussed are:

  • Channel 4’s commitment to Scotland and  its support of independent production companies in Scotland;
  • Channel 4’s performance in Scotland amid statistics that it had only a 4.7% share of total TV viewing in Scotland in 2020;
  • Privatisation of Channel 4;
  • The impact of the rise of streaming services and social media


Monday 20 September

From 3pm

  • Alex Mahon, Chief Executive, Channel 4
  • Deborah Dunnett, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4

From 4pm

  • Alan Clements, Managing Director, Two Rivers Media
  • Nicole Kleeman, Managing Director, Firecrest Films
  • Jane Muirhead, Managing Director, Raise the Roof Productions

Further information

Image: PA