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MPs turn focus to trophy hunting as Animals Abroad Bill scrutinised

29 October 2021

The Government’s proposed ban on the import of hunting trophies will be examined by MPs on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, as part of its inquiry scrutinising the government’s planned Animals Abroad Bill. The session will take place at 2:30pm on Tuesday 2 November.


The Committee is examining the proposed Bill’s efforts to tackle animal cruelty and support conservation efforts overseas, while considering the most effective way to promote animal welfare by removing UK involvement in practices which are cruel to animals in other countries.

The Committee has been told that the Government is aiming to ensure that the UK is not hindering conservation efforts and harming biodiversity through continued trophy hunting. UK participation in the international hunting trophy trade saw 58 imports of such trophies in 2019.

In its Animal Welfare Action Plan, the Government pledged to “protect animals abroad” by banning imports of trophies from endangered species, as well as the advertisement of overseas activities involving animals cruelty.

Purpose of the session

MPs will hear from policy experts and campaigners at the session, with likely topics to include whether the ban is the best way to address biodiversity loss and support conservation, what the ban will mean for the UK, and whether well-managed trophy hunting can be effectively used to fund conservation.

MPs will also look at how the Government proposals to ban the advertising experiences involving low animal welfare, such as elephant riding, could work.


Tuesday 2 November

At 2:30pm

  • Dr Mark Jones, Head of Policy at Born Free Foundation
  • Eduardo Goncalves, Founder at Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting
  • Dr Audrey Delsink, Wildlife Director at Humane Society International UK

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