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Animals Abroad Bill


This inquiry is currently paused. The Committee has decided that scrutiny of the Bill cannot continue until the Bill has been published by the Government. The Government are not able to confirm a date of publication. The Committee currently is not taking further evidence on this matter.

We will provide an update on our plans once the Bill has been published. Thank you for your understanding.

As part of its Animal Welfare Action Plan the Government has proposed a new Animals Abroad Bill to tackle animal cruelty, and support conservation efforts, overseas. The Bill will include bans on the trade in hunting trophies that threaten the conservation status of species abroad, and the domestic sale and advertising of experiences overseas, like elephant rides, that are cruel to animals.

This inquiry scrutinises both aspects of the proposed Bill, considering the most effective way to promote animal welfare by removing UK involvement from cruel practices in other countries.

Read the call for evidence for more information about this inquiry.